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On a recent Grimm set visit in Portland, I had an opportunity to ask both Bree Turner (Rosalee) and Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe) their thoughts on that issue and their epic love story. Did Silas Mitchell Weir have any idea when Monroe and Rosalee first got together that they would become Monrosalee (a term he gives Bree full credit for coining) or that their love would be what I called "epic" in terms of television romance? "I'm gonna tell Bree that you said that," he laughed. That's hilarious." When I suggested he's the romantic lead in this situation, he admitted, "That's a new thing for me, I'll tell you what. It's very hard to see in the crystal ball, you know what I mean?But I remember the episode when she got the hankaflikafluas or whatever it was, and she kind of attacked me in the Spice Shop.They're starring in the Portland Center Stage production of Richard Greenberg's play, "Three Days of Rain." Lisa Datz rounds out the cast.

This year, Roiz says, the schedules worked out perfectly. "We finished 'Grimm' a couple days before we started this. We'll have two days before we go back to 'Grimm.'" Why did Roiz and Mitchell decide that spending their vacation from "Grimm" working in Portland on a play was preferable to jetting off to a tropical beach somewhere? It's just life." When it came to off-season "Grimm" plans, Roiz says, "I didn't want to have to leave and search for work.

In this world of Grimm, even though they're very keen on keeping the human stuff human, this is real stuff." Silas admitted, "No, I didn't know it was gonna be this big ole Monrosalee." Turner shared that Rosalee intended to be on the front lines of change and equality for the species going forward, and what we witnessed with her putting her foot down regarding the inner-species bigotry and hatred solidified things for her and Monroe.

It's a pretty good thing, too, if the two plan on having children together. Turner said, "It doesn't happen very often for two species to have children together. Maybe it's going to be a struggle." "I love whenever the writers take real world issues and put them in our magical world," Turner shared, "There are Wesen out there there that have fertility issues just like everyone else and go to fertility doctors." In the course of tonight's episode she noted you can expect, "A lot of very sweet discussion between the two of them that answers a lot of questions that I know the fans have." As Weir tried to describe what would result from the birth of two different Wesen, he chuckled, "I just hope it's healthy." But don't get excited just yet, we don't know if, or when, a baby Monrosalee might be joining Grimm.

"There are syllables that are italicized within a sentence," says Mitchell.

"And that is not the case in TV," where there's not enough time "for that level of specificity and particularity in a 22-episode season.

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