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IF THE COURT FINDS YOU GUILTY: If you are found guilty of a civil traffic infraction, the court may assess fine and costs, order you to attend a defensive driving course or impose other penalties.If you should fail to pay the fine and cost within the time allotted you by the court, if any, a suspension will be issued against your driver license and additional penalties will be imposed.The "Schedule of Service Charges is available online and in any Clerk's office.

You will be charged a convenience fee by the credit card processor for this service.The Clerk’s Office does not accept payment for red light camera violations issued by a municipality or sheriff.The Clerk of Court accepts payment of civil penalties when a uniform traffic citation is issued and received in our office.The following people may be present at your hearing; the officer who issued the traffic ticket and any other witnesses called by the officer or any witnesses that you may wish to call to testify on your behalf. Most civil infractions are heard by Hearing a charge, such as Driving Under the Influence, which requires a court appearance as it carries with it criminal penalties which may include fines and costs, probation and/or the possibility of a jail term.

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Please refer to the fee schedule for the most current information. Boating Citations have the same time requirements for payments of fines.

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