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If you’re attempting to do what I’m doing, then this should be your #1 consideration in which pay as you go plan to choose.In other words if you’re very clever and very efficient in using your any time minutes, you’re not going to be benefiting because the clock is ticking.For starters how about keeping your mobile phone number to yourself?

See that’s the trick with mobile phones and the plans that are offered.

With my recent experience in the past week, I am regretting simply not going back to 711 Speakout.

Here is what I’ve discovered about pay as you go or anytime plans in Canada.

What I’ve found is that tethering (using your phone as a wifi connection for another mobile device such as a tablet or laptop) is not typically a feature in these plans.

Petro Canada Mobility confirmed with me that no, they do not support or allow tethering or wifi hotspots with their data addon. Let me just say that I’ve had a 7-11 Speakout phone for a couple of years.

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To anyone looking at PC Mobile, just be forewarned that their website and support appears to be on a completely different page than these new Superstore “in-store” mobile shops.

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