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Since then, he had met with up to five women, mainly aged in their early 20s, for "intimate meetings"."I've tried one or two other sites," John said."It's worked out better than just about anything else."John, who is married, was happy in his relationship, but needed more "sexually".The man bought her a new cellphone, DSLR camera, handbag and wallet, and paid Eve "a bunch of money" before she flew home the next day. "He was lovely, he was just like this big teddy bear."While money was the drawcard, Eve said the relationship had other benefits.The first-year business student enjoyed her sugar daddy's company and his commercial success made him a valuable mentor."They have all this money that doesn't really mean that much to them," she said."So why not help somebody ... "Seeking Arrangement has been active in New Zealand since 2007 but has experienced 94 per cent growth in users since January last year."You really can't know with this kind of stuff."Sex was not always part of the arrangement.A friend of Eve's received a weekly allowance from a man who wanted no contact with her."He doesn't want to text her or meet up with her, he just wants to give her 0 a week," Eve said."Someone was talking about how much money they got, they were paying off their student loan," she said.Eve's first sugar daddy arrangement was short-lived, but lucrative.

"I sent her his photo and I said that I would text her once every few hours and if not, she should call the police," she said.One woman had asked him for 0 in bond money, which he transferred to her bank account."[She] made all sorts of promises, and I never saw her again."Some of the women John has met were students, some were saving for a specific expense, while others were "just in a bit of strife"."[The site] makes it clear that they don't want anybody to just come on and say, 'Oh, I'm offering money for sex'," he said.There were no immediate reports of deaths and there is no tsunami threat, according to New Zealand's Civil Defence.In 2011, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake devastated Christchurch, killing 185 people and injuring thousands more.

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The pair spent the night in a hotel room after agreeing there would be no sex.

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