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Read through this guide for a full listing of every best restaurant and bar in the city for dating, or click each category type below for separate maps of those restaurants and bars across the Bay Area.

First date, drinks: A first date bar should have good drinks, a buzzy vibe (full, but not crowded), and the ability to order some food if things are going well.

If things are going well, grab some snacks from the menu, which ranges from papadum to prawn tandoori.

Great coffee and the avocado toast of your dreams exist at this cute and tiny Berkeley gem.

Long-term relationship (LTR), moderate: hese spots have an extra interesting element to them to add a little excitement to your 244th date night.

Flight status, cancellation and delay data provided by Flightstats data may not always be accurate or error free.Always confirm the information provided here directly with your airline.Each section includes options for a first date, a breakup, a longterm relationship, and other scenarios (see the key, below right, for exact categories).These categories were chosen for popular date night needs.

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Second date, expensive: Where to lock it down: When you're ready to signal to someone that you're serious about the relationship, it's time to head to a special occasion spot that shows your intentions through delicious food and top-notch hospitality.

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