Dating etiquette going dutch

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Rachel Kramer Bussel, The “Lusty Lady”, once wrote: “It’s also circumstantial; if I know my date makes three times more than me and he doesn’t even offer to pay, I won’t be amused.” I think it could make sense to divvy up expenses depending on each person’s means rather than gender, but regardless, it takes two to tango.

In other words, women shouldn’t simply sit back and wait for their companion to pick up their tab, even if they know or suspect their date is better equipped financially to do so.

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And please note: We will not tolerate abusive comments, racism, personal attacks, or bullying.In my dating days, I usually offered to go dutch or take turns getting the check.Obviously, there’s no clear consensus on what constitutes a first-date dealbreaker, so I was surprised to learn the lopsided results of a poll asking about the worst first-date offense. An overwhelming 43% are most turned off by their dates “being rude to the staff people [they] encounter (waiters, theater attendants, valet)”. There are a litany of dating rules out there, and tons of conflicting advice.While hitting the sack right off the bat might not be right for everyone, I’m proof that it’s not romantic kryptonite.Along the same lines, when faced with someone you really like, are you really going to nip a relationship in the bud because he didn’t offer to pay the full bill?

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