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The Act on Health, the Governmental Decree on CAM [1,2] and the Decree of the Ministry of Social Welfare on the practice of CAM [1,2] confirm a definition of CAM treatment, regulate the scope of CAM treatments, and state that “non-conventional procedures that substitute conventional therapy shall only be applied under the supervision of a physician”.The non-medical practitioners have to be officially registered members of the public health system.Exclusion criteria were: missing medical qualification. Sampling process was: amongst leading health visitors, pharmacists, chief physicians of the counties-provincial (10 of 18) were requested to participate in the sampling survey.Sample quantity definition The originally planned sample quantity was 550 from which 544 Homeo-CAMQs have been distributed, processed and assessed.Materials and methods: An identical original self-administered questionnaire was submitted in 2012 to 550 general physicians's nurses. Results: Approximately one third of GPs is using homeopathy.The usage of homeopathy is quite similar to other European countries in spite of the controversal and refusal habit of academic medicine.

Visit for more related articles at Alternative & Integrative Medicine Aim of the study: In Eastern-Central Europe, homeopathy has a long history starting from XIXth century which has however been interrupted and later renewed in 1997.

The recent Hungarian CAM law is under reconstruction by the Ministry of Health and the revised version is expected to come out in the last months of 2014 to be more rigorous.

Hungary follows the tradition of detailed regulation of practitioners and treatments; consequently each CAM treatment has been included in the public health system and legislation with regulation of education, licenses, authorization etc. Act XXVIII of 1994 made membership of the Hungarian Medical Chamber compulsory for practicing physicians and dentists.

The comprehensive CAM legislation came into force on 1 July 1997.

The Act CLIV of 1997 on Health Care institutionalized the “National health care promotion program” with the principles “health for all” and “equal access to health care services” [1].

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We emphasize the ethical application of any CAM method, such as homeopathy for patients.

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