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Remember, teens cannot be forced to get into a car and go to therapy.So, if they agree to go on the first visit, begrudgingly or not, consider it a success. “This is a waste of time” or “I think this is stupid” is perfectly fine, as long as they continue to go.There are many more issues when working with teenagers, but those are the most important ones through my experience.Generally, if the teen feels important and it is clear that the therapist does not have an ulterior motive for meeting with him or her (I am going to “fix” you), it will be helpful and well-received.This can sometimes create difficulties when parents feel that therapy is necessary.Many parents would like to see their adolescent children well-adjusted, happy, successful and social.Talking about their family arguments or school problems does not interest them.Their friends, their dreams and goals, their feelings, and their frustrations are the favorite topics for discussion. They do not feel comfortable with open-ended questions or nebulous hypotheticals (“What do you think about that”?

If you’re a man, and you post: I’m having lots of sex in Japan!

Some areas of Australia still do not have reliable mobile data coverage, and many people cannot afford data plans for their phones.

Hello Cass will also be a polyglot, with community health organisation cohealth helping Good Hood translate her into three languages other than English, including Arabic and Vietnamese.

The fear, shame and social stigma surrounding family violence and sexual assault contributes to up to 80 per cent of cases going unreported.

But what if those affected could talk to a friendly chatbot, rather than a person?

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They need to feel respected and valued for it to work.

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